Sobre Nosotros (About Us)

The Blaxican's owner was looking for a way to help him share his creative Mexican Soul-Food fusion recipes in Georgia. He also has a servant's heart and loves to help people in need, therefore the food truck concept seemed like the best way to acheive both.

The Blaxican has two missions, the first is to share great food with the people of Georgia, and the second is to provide hot meals to the children of Georgia's weekly rental communities.

These children and their families rarely get to go out and have a gourmet meal at a resuarant, so the Blaxican will bring the meals to them.

To give to the Outreach Meal Program, click the donation button below:-)

About the Name - Blaxican

I have received Thousands of inquires regarding the name of the truck and why I used it, so here are the facts.

I got the name from a friend, years ago while visiting Los Angeles, CA. I was told I looked like a Blaxican. My friend told me that out in LA, there is a large Mexican and Black population whom through interracial relationships have children whom are commonly reffered to as Blaxicans.

When I started working on my truck's Mexican Soul-food concept back in 2009 I knew it had to be called the Blaxican.

The name is really about the food, which is a fusion of Mexican and Soul-food, so no other name says it quite the same.

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Mexican Soul-Food

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